currently buying for fall.

We buy gently worn men’s and women’s designer, contemporary street-wear, and vintage clothing. Our selection process is determined by style, season, condition, and current stock levels.

We buy every day up until a half hour before closing time. Buying is done on a walk-in basis, we don’t take appointments and are generally unable to accommodate off-site buying requests.

We offer 35% cash or 55% store credit for any items we are able to take to sell in the store. We buy outright, we aren’t a consignment store, so you can leave with cash in hand or trade same day without having to wait for your items to sell.

Remember, if we pass on your items it is nothing personal. We are small boutiques with limited rack space. This allows us to be more specialized than the bigger buy•sell•trades and give our sellers larger payouts for designer and specialty vintage items but it also means we have a narrower scope of what we can sell. Because of this we sometimes shy away from fast fashion and mall brands as well as more conservative garments.

We will gladly look through up to four large bags per person in a day. We do not allow people to bring back items that have already been passed on unless advised to do so based on seasonality. Please respect our buyers and their time.

We are unable to store the excess items we pass on during the buying process over night and require items we pass on to be picked up same day.

Due to space and resource limitations we are unable to accept items for donation. There are donation drop-off sites in the neighborhood.